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Georg Kreuzberger

Due to an adhesion in one shoulder (“frozen shoulder”), I could only lift my right arm horizontally upwards. The condition was chronic and worsening. Surgery seemed inevitable. After eight cupping treatments I was free of pain and the mobility of my arm was completely restored and sustainable.

Based on this experience, I trained in cupping massage in 2011 and completed a year of internship at the Cupping and Massage Center Vienna with Sabine Peyer-Thomschitz. They have been doing cupping massage there exclusively for 18 years. I could see and treat many ladies who found the courage to book eleven treatments. Within a few weeks they felt more beautiful and comfortable in their skin again. Helping people to improve their quality of life has also given my life a new meaning.

I wanted to produce perfect “high-end cupping devices”, quiet and with a powerful pump. The name also came to my mind right away: “SCHRÖPFMASTER (cupping master)”. Due to my technical education and experience in building high-end loudspeakers (Consensus-Audio) I had the knowhow to realize my dream. After the development phase came the administrative procedures, the trade examination for mechatronics and the founding of the company in 2011. The development is constantly progressing. The special glasses are individually manufactured according to my drawings in laboratory glass quality. In 2011 I developed and built the cupping master lemon for cosmetic applications. In 2015 I created the new SCHRÖPFMASTER detox with pulsation, optionally also with colored light for massage, to be able to work pulsating with up to 8 glasses. As a masseur and technician, I can say today: the work is complete! It gives me great pleasure to meet experienced therapists in the cosmetic and massage field and to train them for this special work.

In 2018, when I thought I was done with everything, I started to develop a cupping device for horses. The problem was that the vacuum was lost due to the fur. Furthermore, it was essential that neither dust nor hair is sucked to the pump. In the meantime, the first professional articles have been published worldwide in professional journals (by Diana Landskron) on the subject of “cupping on horses”, which I would be happy to send you. In Switzerland, Austria and Germany horse physiotherapists and veterinarians work with the “Cupping Master Hippo”.  With the necessary empathy and expertise of excellent equine physiotherapists, I am very happy to treat horses and share my knowledge and experience for the well-being of these wonderful horses.

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Touch for Health Kinesiologie I, II & III und Hyperton X Trainng bei Do-Ri Amtmann

6 WE Training Aurachirurgie and Auratechnik (Dr.Petra Köhne)

7 WE (140 Units)Training Systemic Healing ( Kölbl)

2×8 WE Training Systemic Coach, systematische Aufstellungen in combination with Kinesiology

2005-2009 Health Trainer with a russian Freqence Analysse System

Since 1998 Cellular Medicine by Dr.Matthias Rath

2001-2006 monthly Health Meeting events to teach about vitamins, minerals, basic-acid balance. Also all themes around health. –

2006-2009 leading with Ing.Doris Wallner-Bösmüller and Peter Klein the Saphiris Akademie.

2007  Full Classic Massage Training at Massage school Herricht in Vienna

2010 – 2014 Cupping-Massage und Classic Massage Practical at the Cupping-und Massage Center

Education 1977-1982: Car Mechanic

2009 Production of high end speakers CONSENSUS AUDIO

The PASSION from Consensus Audio Engineering. Made with passion by myself.

Jose´ Feliciano % George nach 2h Massage


Son Angelo Kreuzberger

Oil on canvas


Anton Ferdinand Porsches´s Anwesen at Zell am See, Salzburg

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