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Education, schooling or training for cupping massage by Georg Kreuzberger: Please write to me!

Seminars about Horse Cupping 
Method: The negative pressure mobilizes the blood, lymph and fascia systems.
Adhesions and hardening loosen. Acids and metabolism =
end products can be eliminated through this dissolution process.
Cupping means skimming off and draining. History: Cupping was known as early as 3300 BC. In ancient Greece, the cupping glass was the symbol of doctors. Cupping is still very important in TCM and Indian medicine. Hildegard von Bingen also appreciated the method very much.

Review of the cupping massage workshop Sept. 1st 2018

Georg Kreuzberger, Petra Bamberger, Bernadette Ensfellner, Petra Mooshammer and Eva Schneider in Traiskirchen, Austria

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