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Massage School Herricht

Two days Vacuum Massage Training, theory, practical, exam:


Sept. 24. – 25. 2016

Sat. 08:30 – 17:00
Sun. 09:00 – 15:00

€ 280,00.–

€ 50.– Pre payment at registration – Rest payment at course start

Trainer Uschi Herricht

Institute Herricht is the oldest and one of the oldest Massage-Schools in Austria

Georg Kreuzberger Workshops – Single and Grouptraining at request

Course in Craotia 2017
See “BLOG“

6 days Vacuum-Massage Seminar
Trainer: Georg Kreuzberger

Vacuum/cupping applications in combination with Massage

A method for therapists that also like to work with naturopathy methods. For pain therapy especialy vacuum massage is more and more asked for because of its effectivness. The reason is precise vacuum massage of superacid connective tissue.

Participants are often surprised about how vacuum massage makes their work so much easier because connective tissue that has a better blood circulation is more responsive to other treatments.

The combinational methode of massage and vacuum/cupping massage is quickly learned and can be applied immidiately after the weekend course.

For Cosmetic and Massage

  • Basic treatment with hard tissue
  • Best Cellulite treatment
  • Manual de-acid, de-toxification, purging
  • Access to pain syndroms (shoulders, arms, LWS, legs, etc.)
  • Vacuum/cupping massage with Adipositas
  • Prevention, Wellness

The course is for experienced and beginner therapists.

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