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Cupping on horses releases tense muscles and sticky fasciae.


The vacuum pulls the blood and lymph vessels into a blockage.
The horse shows this immediately (posture, eyes).
At this point one takes a few minutes of cupping until the horse relaxes.
Cupping therapy has been used in all parts of the world for 3000 years.
Cupping is still very important in TCM and Indian medicine.
Hildegard von Bingen also appreciated the method very much.

Through many years of experience, Georg Kreuzberger developed a perfect cupping device for use on horses.
Cupping floods the tissue with blood and oxygen. At the same time, blockages are released.
The lactate (lactic acid) can cause problems. Likewise, adhesions fascia and muscle fibers. This is where cupping therapy helps.

 Insight into cupping therapy:

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