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The perfect sytem for cosmetic treatments

“Schröpfmaster lemon“ is the perfect choice for cosmetic studios that offer cellulite and facial treatments. With a tube that splits into two, you can use two glasses at the same time.

Vacuum treatment quiet, simply perfect

Belly-leg-bottom as beauty treatment: cellulite treatment, tightening the upper arms, reducing wrinkles, scar tissue becomes more beautiful. The pleasant facial treatment relaxes the facial muscles and makes you look younger. With a tube connection, 2 glasses can be used simultaneously. The vacuum can be finely regulated for lymphatic treatments.

Contact us for a presentation appointment. Price on request.

  • Vacuum massage machine, 1 tube connection, -0,6 bar
  • Choose your colour: Gold-yellow or magenta
  • 1 vacuum tube
  • 1 tube for 2 glasses
  • 11 massage glasses
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Aluminium case

Schröpfgläser Cupping glasses

Adjusting the vacuum conveniently

  • The traffic light colours on the clock provide a good orientation of the vacuum strength.
  • green: gentle toning
  • yellow: normal toning
  • red: strong toning


4 Glasses for face lifting
3 slanted glasses
4 body glasses
1 tube for connecting two glasses
1 tube for connecting one glass
3 brushes for cleaning
aluminium case
Video material, written documentation and instructions provided. 3 year warranty.

Price / purchase / leasing / demonstration: please contact us per email or phone.

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