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Strengthening the good and eliminating the bad. Cupping has been highly valued in Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Dissolve – neutralize – discharge

Holistic cupping massage includes a sustainable concept with certain basic applications.

In classical cupping, the glasses are placed on certain points of the body. With the Cuppingmaster detox and  pulse you can place up to 8 glasses. With the pulsation you have a rythm with the lymphatic and blood system. It feels very well with best results.

Specially developed glasses for the face, hands, joints, whole body and scars enable the best possible results. The negative pressure created in the glasses leads to a strong blood circulation of the skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The tense muscles are loosened. The waste products deposited in the intercellular spaces can be dissolved and excreted.

The joy of working with the Schröpfmaster is the results!

Here again the original pictures of Tanja M. Before and after:

Note: The original photos can be viewed with the date, they are honest and guaranteed to be genuine! Before photo: February 2014. After the 8th treatment (in May) the upper arm was perfect. After photo: November 2014 after 16 treatments. The basic applications were done as suggested.

The Cosmetic Instiute Sauberer in Hollabrunn uses two cupping master detox systems and describes this technique – to the website

What does cupping massage do?

Through the vacuum of the cupping massage, an improvement of the metabolism in the tissue, a better cell division as well as an increased excretion of metabolic products can be achieved. Fat cells can be broken up and made to be excreted. Blood and lymph vessels are sucked in by the vacuum. The intercellular spaces also increase, which can initiate an internal cleansing.


For agglutinated fasciae and muscle fibers. For severely tense muscles. Trigger points and tense necks can be optimally pre-treated with pulsation (strength + time savings!).


Is your freedom of movement restricted? Supportive for knee, joint and shoulder complaints. The pulse station with 4-8 glasses is used here.


Facial treatment, upper arm tightening, cellulite treatment. Abdominal, leg and bottom treatment. During a full-body cupping massage, the body experiences a refreshing regeneration. In combination with an alkaline diet, lasting results can be achieved. The most effective method against cellulite, sagging connective tissue, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and a double chin. Tissue tightening for the cleavage, face, hands and chest.
RELEASE with a cupping massage, then DRAIN (drink enough good water, take alkaline baths, eat an alkaline diet).


Preparation for exercise. Regeneration. Relief for back, shoulder and joint complaints.

Tyrolean cupping massage by masseur Peter. At the Hotel St.Zeno **** in Serfaus / Tyrol

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