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Cupping device for horses and dogs

cupping device hippo

Cupping device for horses and dogs

The CUPPING MASTER hippo is equipped with a powerful pump and pulsation. The treatment is very well accepted by the animals.

The cupping massage causes relaxation of muscles and loosening of fascia. The negative pressure in the cup (cupping glass) activates the microcirculation of the blood, lymph and fascia systems. The slow pulses have a calming effect. Vacuum and pulsation are infinitely adjustable. Despite a powerful pump, the cupping device works relatively quietly, is easy to use and has a safe filter system to protect the pump from dust and pet hair.

The Cupping Master Hippo for cupping horses and dogs was developed in 2017 by Georg Kreuzberger. Since then it has been used from Europe to the USA and South Africa.

It can be used with electricity (110 or 220-240 volt) or with a 12 volt lithium-ion battery.

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Included in delivery:

Cupping device for horses and dogs

  • 7 massage glasses
  • 1 silicone tube
  • 2 transport cases
  • accessories
  • 1 trolley with wheels
  • marketing documents
  • 3 year warranty

We are happy to do a free demonstration for you so you know exactly what you are getting.
You will receive a tutorial on the device upon purchase. We can also arrange this online.

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