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 Cupping massage systems

for cosmetics, massage and horses

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The best reference is a good word


Heidy Kiennast

Mr. Kreuzberger is an expert in vacuum/cupping massage due to his many years of experience and professional competence. He made it possible to oviously reduce a swelling in my lower leg and heel caused by an injury with the first treatment session.

Zsuzsa Brunner

zsuzsa_brunnerThis treatment was simply great. I will recommend it to my clients immidiately.

Jose` Feliciano


Jose` Feliciano after two times of intensive massage. Especially on his hands, whre he had a problem.

“This machine, that George uses, he used it on my hands and it really helped me very, very much, especially when I play the guitar. Muito obrigado, means thank you very much ! ”

Che Sara´ Video

Tanja Münsterer

Cupping massage was recommended to me from a health perspective. Thanks to your very sensitive and warmly way I always felt comfortable.
I came to the vacuum massage treatments without any expectations, I simply wanted to do something good for myself. After the 6. treatment I am extremly happy how positively my body is changing. My skin structure is more firm, my clothing size is one size smaller, my facial skin is shining beautifuly and my face is thinner.

I regularly do sports but I never had a firm belly and evenly defined upper arms as well as upper legs as after the vacuum massage treatments. I feel comfortable and happy with my whole new firm appearance (see photos in “Vacuum Massage”). I would like to warmly thank you for all this.

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