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Heidy Kiennast

Mr. Kreuzberger is considered an expert in cupping massage due to his many years of experience and his professional competence. He succeeded in significantly reducing my injury-related swelling on the lower leg and heel after the first treatment. I am impressed and thrilled. This man knows his “craft”. I wish him and all his customers such a success as I was able to experience.

MBA Heidy Kienast

Zsuzsa Brunner

This treatment was simply great. I will recommend it to my clients immediately.

Esthetician Zsuzsa Brunner

José Feliciano

José Feliciano after two intense cupping massages, especially on his hands, where he had a significant problem. In a video testimonial, it was his intention to say:

“This machine, that George uses, he used it on my hands and it really helped me very, very much, especially when I play the guitar. Muito obrigado, means thank you very much!”

Singer and guitarist José Feliciano

Tanja Münsterer

Cupping for health reasons has been recommended to me many times. I came to you for a cupping massage without any expectations, I just wanted to have something good done for me and my body. Now, after my sixth treatment, I am overjoyed to see how positively my body has changed. My skin structure is firmer, my clothing size is one size smaller, my facial skin has a rosy glow and my face shape has become narrower. I exercise regularly, but I have never had such a toned stomach, such evenly defined upper arms and thighs. I feel completely satisfied and happy with my new toned appearance.
I would like to thank you very much.

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