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Pulsation cupping

The difference

Compared to vacuum massage where cupping glasses are being pulled along certain parts of the body, glasses are placed on specific areas of the body when applying classical cupping massage. “CuppingMaster detox“ is a machine with an built -in pulsation mechanism. The vacuum sucks the skin in and releases again which stimulates the metabolism more effectively.
The pulses per minute can be regulated gradually. “Schröpfmaster“-vacuum massage glasses have rounded edges that prevent the glasses from pressing too hard into the tissue.

“CuppingMaster detox“ is a machine with a built-in pulsation mechanism.

The vacuum sucks in the tissue and releases it again. This is why there are hardly any haematomas. The pulses per minute can be adjusted gradually. The cupping glasses have a rounded edge. Feels pleasant.
Good to use on the neck, shoulders, lung points and joints.
If a glass comes loose, it does not fall to the floor because it is attached to a hose.

Pulsatiopn cupping with 4 to 8 glasses: The slow pulses have a calming and pleasant effect. The sucking in and releasing obviously has a beneficial effect on the rhythm of the blood flow and lymphatic activity. The pulse intervals can be shortened gradually, however the slow pulses have a better effect.

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