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Schröpfmaster detox

E-powered vacuum for massage and physio therapy

With the new cupping master detox plus you can work with 8 pulsating glasses and 2 suction glasses.
Experience the advantages of the cupping master system during a demonstration.

Working with four or eight glasses pulsating at the same time is a true work relief for masseurs:

The tight muscles on the neck and back can be wonderfully prepared and combined with the classic massage. The customer basically gets a double treatment (this can be rewarded additionally). Working over a large area while pulling the glasses (usually simultaneously with two glasses) loosens adhesions and deposits in the tissue. With the fascia glasses (angled edge) your fascia treatment gets an effectiveness that is remarkable.

The cupping master detox system with pulsation offers a real work relief during the massage. Clogged fasciae and muscle fibers can be loosened. Cupping means “skimming and draining. Strengthening the good and eliminating the bad “. Strongly tense muscles and joints can be treated with pulsation by placing 4 or 8 glasses on specific points on joints or muscles. The slow pulsation (2 second cycle) has a calming effect. It is less painful and haematomas do not develop as easily. Haematomas easily develop in case of hyperacidity and weakness in the tissues. After a few applications, haematomas usually no longer develop, which is obviously a sign that the tissue has been cleansed and strengthened. The cupping master detox is an enormous work relief for masseurs and the customers get maximum results.

The key advantages:

  • The cupping master works quietly
  • 13 special cupping glasses for all applications
  • Setting the vacuum individually for the respective application
  • Simultaneously working with two glasses

The Cupping Master System is the outstanding accompaniment to any kind of therapy in order to achieve not only faster, but the best possible results!



“Schröpfmaster detox“ can also be used with color-light for light therapy treatment when upgrading to the “color“ version.

1 color-light-pipe green, blue, or coulors changes (see film)
1 color-light-pipe that slowly changes the colors green-red-blue-purple

Find out more about “Schröpfmaster detox color“

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